21 Days of Beauty, Day 3: Who are You Comparing Yourself to? Beyonce?

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Do you ever catch yourself saying: I wish I was more self-expressed like Beyonce or Katie Perry? Or had boobs like Kim Kardashian?

Whom are you comparing yourself to?

And if you are willing to go there … whom are you jealous of?

One of biggest mistakes we make as women is we start nitpicking about what we don’t like about ourselves and start looking for what we do want in the women around us, on TV or in the magazines.

So we become jealous and start comparing ourselves to others.

In yoga, the teacher always says to focus on yourself in the mirror and not pay attention to how your pose compares to the person next to you. Why? Because we are all on our separate journeys.

Here’s the thing about you: you have gifts and talents that are unique to you. You are like a snowflake, exquisite and complex and like no other snowflake out there!

Even if you have the same job as your best friend, guaranteed she doesn’t do it like you. There is actually nothing to compare yourself to because God has a special plan in mind for you!

You have a purpose on this planet that no one else has. You were brought here for a reason. And so instead of comparing yourself to the other women out there, start focusing on what makes you so special and unique.

Take a moment to close your eyes.

When have you been really proud of yourself? What did you accomplish that made you so proud? What did you do? Who were you being?

Get really present to that moment when you were shining in your brilliance.

Now open your eyes and get a piece of paper.

Write down that memory.

Also write down what makes you unique. Write down your talents, gifts, skills. Keep going. List them all out.

Then write down your quirks. That’s right. What makes you a little different? Weird even?

The thing is Beyonce lets it rip. Katie Perry puts on quite a show in her weirdness. They hold nothing back. They love all parts of themselves and focus on what makes them unique. Those quirks: yep, that’s what made Katie Perry famous. Beyonce is known for her butt … and flaunts the heck out of it.

Stop comparing yourself to where other people are at on the journey and what they have that you don’t. Remember, little snowflake, if we were all the same, this world would be really quite boring.



Tanya Paluso is the founder and CEO of Tribal Truth, an organization that brings women together to connect with their truth, build sisterhood and create partnership with men. Tribal Truth has impacted thousands of people’s lives around the world through live and virtual events since 2010. She is the author of Open Your Heart, Tell The Truth, Change The World and facilitates the Leading In Truth retreats all over the world. Get the 7 guiding principles to better relationships with your tribe of sisters at: http://tribal-truth.com.

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