21 Days to Unlock Your Inner Beauty, Day 7: Why I Made HER the Most Important Thing to Me

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At first I wasn’t really listening. I was making her wrong. I was making her an obstacle in my way. Her fears and her emotions always got in my way of pushing forward, making money,and creating what I wanted.

At first I thought she was wrecking my life: sabotaging my success and something I needed to get rid of. She was angry, sad, exhausted, burnt out and resentful. She was not happy. And she was making herself known in my life. Everything was ‘falling apart’. Nothing that used to ‘work’ worked anymore. I was a volatile, emotional mess.

I didn’t really know what she wanted, I just knew that I was dying inside, getting sick all the time, and I was finally ready to listen.

So I made her the most important thing to me. More important than everything: every task, every creation, every relationship…she was it for me. She became more important than making money. More important that having other people like me. More important than moving forward in my business. More important that manifesting the man of my dreams. She was it and that was that.

I spent a lot of time this last year building trust between my inner child and my adult self ( click here to see the full article “I made her the most important thing to me”) and it turns out, that instead of my inner lil one being the one who was sabotaging my life, she became the savior of my soul.

So many of you are feeling the shifting and crumbling happening within and one key ingredient for integration and wholeness within yourself is building trust between you and your own inner child.

Here are my favorite ways to connect to that lovely part of you:

1) Start listening to her. Tune in by getting still, breathing into your body and

2)Ask her questions and let her answer. Just trust that you know and don’t filter anything that comes up. It might be words you hear, feelings, images etc. Your body will speak to you in many ways.

Here are questions to start asking:

* Where is she inside your body? What does she feel like? ( It’s important that you have a grounded sense of your inner child in your own body)

* Does she have a name

* How are you feeling, honey?

* Tell me about what’s happening. How can I help you?

* How can I help us both have some fun today?

* If I could do one thing to help you feel more safe

3) Make a commitment to take action on doing one ( or more) of the things your inner child is wanting each day.

Your inner child wants to feel safe, secure and most importantly she wants to feel that you are there for her and that you won’t abandon her.

I would love to hear how this goes for you!

Much Love,


>Read Lauren’s full article on her inner child here< Right now this planet is asking women everywhere to blossom, to remember who they are, reclaim the lost parts of themselves, and to go on the journey to soul liberation and divine feminine wholeness, deep infinite self trust, and unconditional self love. Lauren Sheehan supports women moving through this journey through speaking, dancing, teaching, writing, and mentoring. She is a Priestess of potent feminine expression and magnetism, the creator of sensual freedom dance, a performing speaker, dancer and choreographer, a master Art of Feminine Presence teacher and the founder of femininerhythm.com

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