21 Days to Unlock Your Inner Beauty, Day 8: Put an End to Fixing Your Man!

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Put an end to fixing your man!

Do you ever beat yourself up because you keep trying to fix him and you are not being the loving person you want to be in your relationship?

Do you wish you could get over the things you don’t like?

Well, you are not alone. Like many women, if you’re getting irritated and frustrated, then you are definitely trying to fix your relationship, or fix him, which means…. That you think something is wrong. And we all know that fixing doesn’t work!

So how do you move from fixing to really appreciating what your man provides? First, you’ve got to realize that you have a HUGE commitment to being your best self, or you wouldn’t get so upset when you’re more of a witch than a dish. So, give yourself some compassion and love. Finally, look for what you can appreciate about your man because what you focus on expands. He wants you to succeed and be happy! In fact, studies show that the vast majority of men don’t leave their relationships unless they feel like they’ve failed to make their wives and girlfriends happy.

Here are three simple steps you can do today to put an end to the fixing:

Write down 12 words that describe the kind of person you love to be and the feelings you have when you are at your best with others.

Think about the last time you felt that way and share your story about it with 2 friends.

Write your man a note, “Five things I love about you,” and place it on his pillow. Be sure to include how happy he makes you.

If you’d like to find out just how much of a “Fixer” you are, download our FREE QUIZ: How to Tell if You’re Trying to Fix Your Partner and Possibly Making Your Relationship Worse!


Jennifer Diepstraten

Jennifer Diepstraten runs FamilyCo alongside her husband Peter. They help people whose relationships didn’t turn out how they thought they would have amazing relationships anyway. This includes connection and communication for couples, divorced spouses, and siblings. Jennifer holds a BA in Biopsychology and a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine.

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