21 Days to Unlock Your Inner Beauty, Day 12: Are You Attracting Men?

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Do you ever go out on the town with the thought of meeting a guy, only to go home feeling less desirable than when you left? Or have you given up on meeting men all together; you can’t actually remember the last time you went on a date?


If this sounds like you… Then I have good news! There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with you! You too have the ability to attract men… AND it’s easier than you think!


The secret to attracting men lies in your ability to be approachable. The more you appear approachable to men, the more likely they are to approach you. Now this may sound simple, but when put into practice, I find women struggle immensely.


We struggle because we think:

1. Men know they should approach us.

2. We assume they see our signals.


(So when they don’t approach us we think there’s something wrong with us.)


Here’s the truth. With all the men I’ve worked with, and surveyed they are still very unclear. They are confused by how to successfully go about approaching you and before they even attempt it they have to know that they will be successful with you.


This means:

1. That the ball is in YOUR court (this doesn’t mean that you begin approaching men).

2. You have to give super-clear, very-loud signals to get their attention.

3. They have to know you will say yes before you approach.


To have a man approach you is very easy. You must give him your attention in such a way that he knows you are interested. This is NOT sexual attention, but it is attention none the less. The simplest way to accomplish this through smiling and eye contact.


DARE TIME, are you ready?

When you are out today at the coffee shop, getting lunch or at a stop sign, make a conscious choice to smile and then make eye contact with a gentleman for 3 seconds. Do this as many times as you would like throughout the day and notice the feedback that you receive from men.

Do they lock eye contact with you? Do they smile? Do they wave? Do they start up a conversation?

And when it’s complete let me know what happened and how you did.

Loving hugs to you,

Tamara Leah Orras

Founder of Flirt With Me Coaching Services


Tamara has not always had the ability to be great with men, dating and/or relationships. However, once she embarked on a journey to heal, celebrate and attract her perfect relationship, her “ah-ha” moment occurred. She has since developed THE proven methodology that has her clients attain their personal dating goals without playing games or putting on a facade.

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