21 Days to Unlock Your Inner Beauty, Day 14: Want to Achieve Radiant Beauty in Just 5 Minutes?

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Hey beauty!


Yes, I’m looking at you. You probably think I’m just being nice, because I haven’t seen you yet. Well, I happen to know for a FACT that you are beautiful. And no, I’m not psychic. I happen to know from experience, that anyone can be. It’s just a matter of stepping into knowing it and believing it, and the world shows up to meet you there.


You see, I didn’t used to consider myself all that beautiful. I got called “cute” a lot, and I, struggling for years with emotional eating, I was overweight for more of my life than not.


But one day – yes, literally in one short day one day – that all changed. I had found the wonderful world of affirmations, and found myself repeating the phrase “I am beautiful” to myself over and over again in the bathtub; and really feeling it. And that very day, as I embarked into the world, coincidentally without makeup or cute clothes, people began to notice and compliment my beauty.


Wow! I had no idea it would work that way. I just wanted to believe in my own beauty, and the whole world showed up to meet me there. And ever since then, as I’ve learned to step more and more into my confidence, the world has continued to meet me there. I’ve had people say “I want what that girl has” (referring to me) and they’ve even said it when I still had some extra weight to lose! I’ve found that the exact body I inhabit in the moment has nothing to do with the beauty people see in me – men and women! Did you know, by the way, that out of many, many studies done with men, the #1 thing they look for in a woman is ALWAYS confidence. So you see? Goes hand in hand with knowing, feeling, and allowing yourself to radiate your beauty. And I’ve guided my amazing clients to doing the same, with the very same results!


You see, we all have the power to be radiant, glowing beauties. We just have to BELIEVE it.

Wanna join me in your birthright to be utterly, radiantly beautiful? I knew you would! So I invite you to try the practice of knowing your beauty today. It’s simple.

First and foremost, you must FEEL it.


I invite you to sit quietly for just two minutes a day, and feel your beauty. Feel what it feels like to be so beautiful that the whole world can see it. Know that your external beauty will show up to meet you there.


Now, go out and walk with confidence. Did you know that the world “confidence” actually means “with trust” in Latin? Pretty cool, huh? So just TRUST in your beauty to carry you in your radiance. You are beautiful. You are enough.



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