21 Days to Unlock Your Inner Beauty, Day 15: Stop Judging Your Body

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Do you judge your body?

Too fat, too big, not big enough, not healthy enough….

When ever we judge our body, we are actually locking in that judgment to be true. Guess what? When we are doing this, we can’t change it!

Ok, Cory, how can we change that?

I will share 3 questions to ask yourself every day for 21 days to shift your self judgment to seeing the beauty that you and your body truly are.

You see, when we ask a question, our mind opens up to the possibility that our judgment may not be true. It’s only true because we say it is. So, what ELSE IS POSSIBLE?

If we for a moment stop believing that every thought in our head is true, we can actually see, feel and acknowledge the beauty that we truly be. How does that sound?

Ok, so ask these 3 questions every day for 21 days and see what changes for you!

It’s simple, we are not seeking answers, just looking to see what else is possible besides our silly judgment of ourselves.

Who does this judgment belong to? Me or someone else? If it is someone else’s, like your parents, society or what ever, simply say, return to sender with consciousness!

* You cannot change what is not yours! So simply return it and see what’s actually true in your world.

What am I grateful for about my body?

This beautiful body puts up with a lot of abuse from us doesn’t she? When we take on the practice of being in gratitude for our beautiful bodies, they start working better, with us and often pain, weight, stress will start to disappear.

What action can I take today to experience the beauty within right away?

This question evokes an immediate action, it might be movement, putting different clothes on, getting a massage, or simply telling your body you love and cherish it.

Enjoy the questions, they seem simple, but they are powerful!


Cory Michelle, CFMW

Live Your Juicy Life!

Cory Michelle is an international speaker, coach, facilitator and author of conscious change. Her intuitive sense assists her clients in changing any issue or problem into ease, joy and juiciness! Cory’s biggest joy is seeing the permanent change in people, ultimately them living a life they love.

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