21 Days to Unlock Your Inner Beauty, Day 16: Can Self-Love Help You Lose Weight?

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Hey, gorgeous!

Let me know if you can relate to this–It’s the most common fear that my clients express about truly loving themselves as they are.

Many of my clients come to me with the concern that if they practice self-love on a regular basis, they will find it harder to reach their goals in life–particularly when it comes to their weight.

There is a commonly held belief that truly loving and accepting ourselves will make it more difficult to create change in our lives. People seem to think, If I love myself just as I am, then I’ll never lose the extra pounds! I’ll put up with a little discontentment, if it helps me get to a bikini body!

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between “loving yourself just as you are” and “working towards your weight loss goals”. In fact, loving yourself—right now—makes it easier to reach your ideal weight!

Why is this? It’s because practicing self-love and positive thinking creates an energy shift that helps you take massive action and see radical results. You have the power to access unlimited energy in your daily life—and it all starts with your thoughts and emotions. By choosing loving thoughts, we access emotions that literally help us to “lighten up” and release the extra weight on our bodies.

Think of it this way:

We all have emotions that we associate with lightness:

Happiness, Ease, Joy… Lightness.

Certain emotions just make us feel “lighter.” We may describe a sense of relief as in, “a weight off my shoulders!” When we are really happy, we may say, “I feel like I am floating!”

Similarly, we all have emotions and mind-states that we identify with heaviness:

Sadness, Struggle, Stagnancy… Heaviness

When we are anxious, we may say, “It feels like I have a weight on my chest.” We may describe a particular problem as, “I’ve been carrying this around like a weight!”

It’s no stretch to think that these different emotions manifest themselves in your world and on your body. And so, you must take care to ask yourself, “Do I spend more of my time thinking negative thoughts about myself (and therefore having heavier feelings)? Or do I spend more of my time thinking positive thoughts about myself (and therefore and having lighter feelings?)”

If you can look at your life and see that most of your days consist of thoughts and emotions that “weigh you down”, then you can be certain that this will show up on your scale!

On the other hand, if you can introduce and embrace emotions of positivity and lightness, you will see your waistline shrink.

The best way to do this is to actively choose thoughts of self-love and self-care. How do you do this? As you go through your day, stop to notice times that you “get down on yourself”. At these times, consciously choose to transform your negative thought about yourself into a positive one.

For example:

“Ugh, I’m so fat!” becomes “I am getting lighter and healthier with each passing day!”

“I look disgusting.” becomes “I am beautiful and radiant. I hold my head high in every situation.”

“I wonder if they’re noticing how big my butt looks in these pants.” becomes “I bet they think I look great in this outfit.”

…And so on!

The more you cultivate the lightness of positive thinking and self-love, the lighter you will feel and the lighter you will become! After all, as Marianne Williamson said, “You will materialize a lighter body when you have a more light-filled mind!”


Nicole Belle


The founder of FreeYourFocus.com, Nicole Belle teaches women how to eat what they love and still lose weight. Focusing on a “whole life” approach, Nicole helps women make their lives bigger and juicier…so they can watch their waistlines become smaller and sexier.

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