21 Days to Unlock Your Inner Beauty, Day 2: Put the Fun Back In :)

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I’ve got my green smoothie and my warm coffee here on my desk. As it is getting colder I’ve found that I’ve been skipping having my green smoothie within 30 minutes of waking up and some days I don’t even make one all day!!

For the past year I’ve been working on the habit of having 1 green smoothie per day.
Now, you may be sitting there thinking, “I don’t care about green smoothies so I’m just going to stop reading this.” If this is you, then think of a habit that you used to do daily but stopped doing it. Ok, great 🙂 Keep reading…

As I started to look at ALL the reasons why I was starting to drift away from this green smoothie, I began to see that I just wasn’t having FUN anymore!
So to make sure that I continue to have fun I decided that before I have my coffee I will drink my green smoothie and will try out some new recipes.

Seriously, it is that simple to 1. Access the situation, 2. Create a new context, then 3. Implement a way to make it fun!

Just a fun little game to help you stay on track with the healthy habits that you are working on making a part of your daily routine 🙂 Your beliefs are powerful!

Live Healthy and Happy,

Liz Cortes

P.S. Let’s put what you read into action. Chose one area in life that you aren’t having fun in, then email me back with what you will do today to start having more fun in that area 🙂

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Liz Cortes’ passion for fitness began with her love for gymnastics and track that developed a new passion for personal training, nutrition coaching, and teaching group exercise classes. If your goal is to lose weight for good, kick sugar cravings, and create healthy fitness and nutrition habits then –>Contact Liz here today!<--

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