21 Days to Unlock Your Inner Beauty, Day 21: Heart Over Head

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Hi Ladies!


You made it to Day 21! I hope you have loved the journey so far! On this last day, I am going to share a story about me and a major breakthrough I’ve been having this year that is allowing me to uncover my true beauty. Its all about following and trusting your heart and beginning to put your analytical mind in its rightful place.


I remember being pretty young, maybe 11 or 12 and having one of my moms friends read my astrology chart.


“You’re daughter has the signature of the genius.”


I remember beaming with pride. Even then, something triggered in me that caused me to find tremendous validation in my studies and workings of my mind. I would show-off to the adults with my incredible mental dexterity.


“Wow, your daughter is so smart and well spoken,” they would muse.


In those moments, I felt worthy and loved. By senior year of high school, I was a star on the speech & debate team. I was awarded an almost full scholarship to Brandeis University and graduated with a degree in Economics. While I knew I didn’t want to go to grad school and become a doctor or a lawyer, I continued to tap my mind for the answer to anything that came up in my path.


When you look at this from a brain science perspective, what I was doing was forming deeper neural pathways for analytical thought. Strengthening the pathways of my mind.  The solution to everything lay in my thoughts, my analysis, books, research, conversations with people who would analyze with me, show me new thoughts. Even after I began to walk on my spiritual path, I did it through my mind. Analyze the bible, read spiritual books. More analysis. Fix my behaviors with spiritual thought.


Why did I continue to do this? Why did I turn to my mind instead of my heart in ALL matters, even the ones that were, in fact, matters of the heart?


Its because my heart was not a safe place to glean direction from. Choosing from my heart, my intuition, my feelings had always led me astray, or at least that was the story I had written. I remember a scripture in the Bible that essentially told me that my heart was deceptive and not to be trusted. A decade of broken hearts seemed to prove this to me, so thinking my way through all things remained the desired (and “safe”) course of action.


As I write this, I’m reminded of a piece of spiritual prophecy that has lingered to this day:


“You have a very strong mind and a very strong heart. Until your mind comes into submission under your heart, you will never be happy. You will continue to fight, continue to have deep internal tension, and much of the energy that you could be giving in service to the world in love with be dissipated in the struggle.”


My decisions to stop trusting my heart, it should be made clear, came mostly out of “failed” relationships and business ventures, but when I re-evaluated with fresh perspective, I saw that my heart is incredibly brilliant! Through these situations and because of these men, I embarked on and continue to deepen my spiritual journey, moved to San Diego, have come to learn that I AM THE ONE I’ve always been searching for, and have  a business that has supported the transformation of over a million people’s spiritual and physical health.


The moral of today’s story is that you can trust your heart and intuition, and that YOU MUST do so if you want to live the life of your dreams. You know why? Your heart and intuition point you to the future, to the place where your spirit wants to travel, even though it may appear like your heart has led you down the “wrong path”. Your brain can only make decisions from the PAST and your past is not taking you to the future you dream of, I guarantee you that!


In short, ignoring your heart, suppressing its desires, and trusting only your logical brain is exhausting and limiting what’s possible in your life. Trusting your heart will provide tremendous growth, connection and love to emerge, essentially make your life worth living no matter whether you get the outcome you expected or not.


Each day, ask yourself a couple  simple questions:


1. Heart, what would you like to say to me today?

2. Heart, what direction would you like to go in this situation?

3. Heart, what can I give you to support your healing and growth today?


You’ll be amazed and what it says when you take the time to listen 🙂


I love you with my whole heart!



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