21 Days to Unlock Your Inner Beauty, Day 1: How to Stop Wanting and Start Having the Life of Your Dreams

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What do you want that you don’t yet have? Sexy body, more money, an amazing relationship?

Did you know that the word wanting literally means “to not have”, so when you say you want something, you are effectively just saying over and over again to the universe that you don’t have it and more not having keeps showing up? When you make the internal shift to “acting as if” the thing you want is already yours and step into the vibration of having it, the universe has no choice but to bring it to you because all it knows to do is match your frequency. Makes sense, right?

Simple principle that isn’t terribly easy for most of us to master. All our brain says is: “You liar! You cant act like you have that thing/person/body” already. You obviously don’t and there is no guarantee you ever will!” To combat that thought takes faith and trust in the forces that be, as well as discipline in choosing to continue to be in the vibration of that thing you’d like to have manifest in your life.

Lets say its a better body: Gaze adoringly at your body in the mirror. Wear sexy clothes now, touch it warmly, tell yourself in the mirror how beautiful you are. Right now. As if the body was already yours.

Or more money: How would you stand, walk, and treat people if you had a million bucks? What would you do in your free time? You can start doing that now.

Or a great relationship: If you’re already in one and aren’t as happy as you know you could be, could you start treating them the way you would if they really were the man of your dreams? If you’re single, can you meet your friends and family with the same love you’d meet your soulmate?

Lets put this into practice with a little exercise (you can write it down if you like):

Whats one thing you REALLY want?

Are you willing to make the shift from wanting it to having it?

Can you trust is the perfection of the universe to provide all of your hearts desires and more?

What are 3 actions you can take today to begin HAVING what you want?

The fact that you have even been stirred to want means that is is ALREADY YOURS. Feel that feeling. Bask in it. And the rest is history.



PS. Follow me as I go on this journey with you during the 21 days. I’m posting a video for each day.

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