Paleo, Love & Transformation: Dr. Amy Myers on Gluten Intolerance, Thyroid Health and the Cholesterol Myth

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An episode truly not to be missed. Dr. Amy Myers, a functional medicine physician practicing in Austin, Texas, gives us the simple straight facts that YOU NEED to experience abundant health: the reasons why NOBODY should eat gluten, the truth about cholesterol and heart disease, why a “normal” thyroid panel may not be, how to determine foods you may be intolerant to, and much more.

About my guest:

Dr. Myers is a physician with extensive training in Functional and Integrative Medicine, as well as Nutrition. Dr. Myers completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Maryland / Shock Trauma. Prior to opening Austin UltraHealth Dr. Myers was an ER physician at University Medical Center at Brackenridge and Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin. Dr. Myers has had a life-long passion for natural health and nutrition. Dr. Myers applies all of the principles of Functional Medicine to her own life. In that way, she is not simply a physician but rather a role model and mentor for her patients.

In this episode you will learn:

Dr. Myers’ story and why she went on to school at the Institute of Functional Medicine.

What is Functional Medicine (getting down to the root cause of an illness) vs Traditional Medicine (treating illness with a medicine).

Dr Myers’ approach to a first time patient visit which involves a 35 page intake form, a one hour talk with the doctor, time for figuring which tests are needed, discussing an Elimination Diet and keeping a food diary.

Common Auto Immune Conditions.

What role inflammation plays in causing an illness?

Identifying and eliminating the triggers to inflammation: infection, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and stress leading to adrenal fatigue.

How stress causes Adrenal Fatigue and why that leads to illness.

The differences between Food Allergies and Food Sensitivities and their symptoms.

What Gluten Intolerance is and the ways it can manifest itself in the body.

How to test for Gluten Intolerance by using the Elimination Diet and why not just do a blood test?

What is an Elimination Diet and what is it’s purpose?

Why we would be better off without Gluten?

The symptoms of an individual that has a Gluten Intolerance.

The cholesterol myth.

The importance of cholesterol as the precursor for all of our hormones and as a detoxify-er.

Why cholesterol levels need to be broken down and looked into by their different particle sizes to determine whether or not they are harmful.

If you are taking a cholesterol reducing medicine find out what is being depleted from your system.

Links & Notes:

Dr. Myers has created 3 amazing programs that you can complete in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost of flying out to Austin to see her in person.

Comprehensive Elimination Diet eCourse

Guide to the Gut eCourse

Guide to Gluten eCourse

I highly recommend taking the time to teach yourself this valuable information. It could literally save you thousands of dollars in future doctor bills and and 10-30 years to your life. I’m SERIOUS!!!

Signs of gluten intolerance

Signs of autoimmune disease

Thyroid tune-up

How to heal your gut

Connect with Dr. Myers

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