Food, Love & Transformation: Kale Talk with Katie and Camille

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That’s Katie on the Left. This pic is from my birthday this year

(the other lovely lady is Brittny…I’ll get her on the podcast, too)

Ok, ok, not really Kale Talk, but we couldn’t very well call it Coffee Talk, right?

In this episode, Camille & Katie talk about gratitude, abundance, the book “The Power”, creating daily structures to have your dreams come true, cultivating/building muscle of love and happiness, and other fun shenanigans.

Seriously, seriously, this episode will make you so happy. And you’ll learn stuff. Win-win.


Things we talked about on this episode:

Macklemore: “Can’t Hold Us”

Summer Challenge

Tim Ferriss

Caroline Myss

Connect with Katie:

Mogul in the Making

Connect with Camille:

Recipe Rx


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