Food, Love & Transformation: Open Your Heart, Tell the Truth, Change the World with Tanya Paluso

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I’ve been in a really interesting place this year. I suspect it has much to do with the “end of times” we experienced at the close of 2012. I’ve spoken to several people who have all experienced a radical acceleration of their spiritual lives this year, which make sense as we enter into a whole new age. It doesn’t take much to look around and see that on some level, many levels, the world is not going in a good direction. More than ever, we have an opportunity and responsibility to truly be the change we wish to see and chart a new course. Our future truly depends on us rising above the current state of affairs, level of consciousness, and creating a world that really does work for everyone, not just a few. That change happens inside each of us, one a time.

I began to see that the way I’d been living was bankrupt. Living with both feet planted in the material world with some every-so-often spiritual epiphanies, sporadic prayer and meditation, but still returning to a physical place. Being driven in a very masculine way to produce a result, accomplish my vision. Plow through, repress the voices that tell you your tired, to take a break, trust, surrender, relax. This lead to adrenal fatigue, isolation from the people I love, and a bank account that was not a match for the many, many hours I’d spend working. Whoa Nelly, time for a change.

In this episode, the lovely Tanya Paluso, founder of Tribal Truth discusses all of this and more with me! I am so inspired by her leadership in the world! If you’re interested in cultivating your intuition, spirituality and leadership in the world, this episode is a must-listen!!

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