Food, Love & Transformation: PCOS, Natural Birth Control and Hormones with Stefanie Ruper

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In this episode, Stefanie and I discuss many topics close to a woman’s heart: body image, the damage that dieting does to your body, natural birth control, miracle magnesium, and more.
The mission of Paleo for Women is to advocate an evolutionary perspective for health.  Stefanie investigates the links between female health and diet, which falls within her larger mission, which is to convince women that being natural women, and treating your body as a natural, evolved body, empowers you to embrace your body, and to be your own fierce advocate.
We discussed the modern notion of womanhood, in which women eat little, exercise a lot, have eating disorders and body image issues, and are expected to look like rails, fails us women time and time again.   Stefanie believes the solution to that failure–to all of the pain, to all of the confusion, and to all of the self-loathing in modern America–is to adopt an evolutionary perspective.

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