Food, Love & Transformation: Yvette Bowlin on Peace, Presence & Mindful Living

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In this episode, Camille and Yvette talk about lots of things to do with discovering peace and happiness in daily life and our relationship with food. I learned so much from Yvette and I can’t wait for it to make a difference in your life 🙂

Yvette Bowlin, published author and spiritual living coach, is founder of i heart life, inc. which is dedicated to helping people love life again! She has a blog,, a podcast on iTunes, ‘i heart life: The How-To of Spiritual Living’, and a telecourse on clearing mental and spatial clutter at Pulling from 12 years of study, seminars, interviews and real world practice, she reveals how to apply spiritual principles and the laws of the universe to achieve inner peace. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest where she posts tips, photos, life lessons and a few of her favorite things.

Twitter: @yvesanbo

Facebook: @quotedlife

Pinterest: @yvettebowlin



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