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Hi friends!

For those of you who listened to the first 1/2 of this podcast last week and have been waiting for part 2, I am SOOOOOOO sorry for the delay. You’d think after having been in the techie-ish field this long, I’d have stuff like this handled! The audio for Part 2 isn’t amazing, and was going to re-record it, but the CONTENT is something I’m not sure I could capture twice (some unexpected things came through that are real and authentic and should be shared).

“Camille’s Journey” with your host, Camille Macres 🙂

To set the tone of this podcast, I will share my whole story, with details even some of my closest friends may not know. This includes the struggles of early life, my world travels, encounters with God, and the roller coaster of entrepreneurship. This sums it up: “Your journey has molded you for your greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be. Don’t think you’ve lost time. There is no short-cutting to life. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now is right on time.” -Asha Tyson

LISTEN HERE (not yet on iTunes):

Camille’s Journey, Part 1


Camille’s Journey, Part 2

I’ve been lining up some AWESOME guests for you over the next couple weeks, people who really stand for a kinder, happier world through the vehicles of Food, Love & Transformation. Here are a couple:

“Stellar Health: Astrological Tools for Wellness” with Michael Mahoney-Pierce

Michael will share where to look in your astrology chart to determine the things you uniquely need to be vibrant and healthy. He will discuss the connection between Western astrology and Chinese medicine (did you know that every planet is linked to an organ in your body?!?!?) as well as a couple helpful workbook exercises to use astrology to improve your health.

“Finding Balance: A Woman’s Journey” with Dr. Amy Myers

Did you know that men make 17x more testosterone than women? That’s the hormone that largely allows a man to go, go, go all day and be fine, but when a woman does the same, it wreaks havoc on her adrenal glands, which leads to adrenal fatigue and thyroid problems, which leads to depression, weigh-gain, and a host of other conditions that zap your quality of life. Amy will teach  us how to determine whether your body chemistry is out of whack (it is) and what to do about it. Camille will share the journey she’s been on that has lead to finding more joy and balance as a woman (as opposed to operating like a  man for over a decade, which made her sick and unhappy).

“Life in Mozambique” with Anna Derby

Anna is spending 2 years volunteering with the Peace Corps in Africa. She is passionate about many things: among them, food and making a difference in the world. With her degree in Global Markets, I expect a lively conversation about a topic very dear to me: bridging the gap between famine and obesity on our planet.

“Civilized Caveman” with George Bryant

George make paleo good. George make paleo real good. Founder of the uber-popular blog, Civilized Caveman, George will talk to the men about getting healthy and strong, share some super-simple recipes any caveman (or woman) can cook, and share his personal journey eating paleo as an active duty marine. Pull up your steak and ax, this is a mans show!

“Happy, Healthy, Fit Life” with Trish Davis & Stephanie McCormack

Through their personal coaching program, Happy Healthy Fit Life, these two powerhouse women are doing Gods work (in my humble opinion)! They will talk with me about creating a new context around food, the deal with the Whole 30 Program thats sweeping the nation (and why its worth a try), the importance of sleep, and how to reduce stress and  and maintain balance and happiness in your life. I am so excited to have them with us!

“Supermom” with Mimi Pacheco

Mimi is the mother of FIVE, count them FIVE, three of which she homeschools. If that weren’t enough, she also prepares healthy meals from scratch each day, runs Heavenly Healthy, her health coaching and women’s empowerment program and blog AND is a wonderful wife with a hot bod. Mimi will share her journey to super-mom-dom, exactly HOW she does it, and leave moms inspired and in action creating the family, health and life of their dreams

“Love & Connection” with Peter & Jennifer Diepstraten

Through their transformational coaching program, Family Co, Peter & Jennifer empower and inspire people to create communication, partnership, and fulfilling relationships. They will give us simple, straightforward tips and tools to support all of your relationships in being whole, complete and connected.