Get Your Sexy Back with Stefani Ruper

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Get Your Sexy Back

We all want to feel sexy, right? But doesn’t it seem like the way to feel beautiful and sexy on a regular basis can allude us? We are up against busy schedules, conflicting health information, loads of disempowering messages from the media and society about what beauty and sexiness really is, that its no wonder this alludes so many women! Stefani and I know that feeling good deep in your bones really is possible and that YOU DESERVE IT.

In this call, Stefani and I discuss:

  • The role hormones play in feeling sexy, losing weight, and being happy and how to get them working for instead of against you.
  • How to eat to look and feel sexy (without spending hours in the kitchen or draining your bank account).
  • How to navigate birth control options, rescue low libido, eliminate menopause symptoms, and regain fertility!
  • How to unravel the damage the media and beauty industry have done to your perception of your beauty.
  • Why self-love and acceptance is more powerful than any weight loss drug on the market.
  • How to unleash the true, radiant, beauty that lives within you for the whole world to see!
  • What to do about sugar cravings.

Here are the links we talked about on the call tonight:

“Sexy by Nature”

Paleo Cooking at Home Info

School of Inner Beauty Info

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