Growing Healthy Kids

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Hi all,

Remember the webinar I did a couple weeks ago on “Getting Your Kids to Eat Healthy Food”? Well last week I visited with Holly Lomelino, the superstar mom who’s been the inspiration for much of my belief and understanding about how to actually feed your family really healthy on a budget day-in, day-out.

In summary:

1. You really can retrain their tastebuds. It will take some time depending on how old and how used to junky food they are, but you can do it. Don’t give into their demands and DON’T GIVE UP! Its better for them to go to bed hungry than cave into their demands for food you’re not offering.

2. Create a routine that you and they can expect. Holly’s includes green juice in the morning, fermented grain porridge, eggs with veggies, and/or a sprouted seed smoothie, raw tacos at lunch, and fruit and nuts as snacks. When they come to to expect it, they wont resist it.

3. Treat any sugar like a treat. This includes granola, dates, trail mix, and bananas. The kinds of things many kids expect everyday can become an every-once-in-a-while special treat.

4. Stretch your budget by stretching organic, grass-fed meat. Holly feeds the entire family dinner on 1 pounds of ground beef by adding lots of chopped up veggies to it!


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