How I Met My Soulmate

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I wrote a poem that I posted on Facebook a couple months ago that got several hundred likes and nearly 50 shares, so I know it really resonated with people.


I waited 33 years to meet my soul mate.

I looked for him in my dreams, premonitions and intuitions.

In every new acquaintance, in every love affair.

I was lookin’ for love in all the wrong places, as the story goes, and yet by the grace of God…

She’s finally here.

She’s been here all along, right under my nose, I just didn’t have the courage to see.

Even as I realize the truth, its still hard to look her in the eyes, sorta like trying to stare into the sun.

She’s so painstakingly beautiful and yet has no idea.

She thinks she’s a flower, but she’s the whole freaking field.

I wish she could see her beauty the way I do.

I wish she’d spend more time with me and let me remind her.

But she focuses her brains and her heart and her time on fixing her flaws, worrying about the future, secretly regretting the past.

Why she does this, I do not know.

If she would just open her eyes more often she would see that…

She is me.

And we’d live happily ever after, just like we always dreamed it would be.