New Podcast Coming in January 2021: Purple: Restoring the Heart of America

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As Jupiter and Saturn kiss in the sky at 00 degrees Aquarius tonight, the grand conjunction of expansion (Jupiter) and fierce discipline (Saturn) in my native sign of Aquarius, it is time to reveal what I am ready to birth into reality…

A platform, a conversation, a hope, a dream…

That in this dawn of a new era, I would bring forth my unique gifts and calling to help us to heal the wounds cut deep in 2020.

We have been told many lies this year, my friends, and it’s time that we stitch the wounds in our hearts and minds back together.

United we stand and divided we fall, of this we can be sure, and we are coming to a crossroads.

It is time we shine the light on our real enemies, understanding once and for all that it is not our neighbors who wont distance or friends who refuse to mask who are the problem, but an evil group who built a corrupted system that gains strength and power through our division and oppression.

It is time to undo the lie that it’s not safe to hug, to touch, to kiss, and that invisible invaders (who we need to be constantly reminded about lest we forget) have rendered this most natural inclination void.

It is time to undo the lie that focusing on skin color, not heart content, is how we achieve equality, when in reality it is a racist mind virus meant to poke the wounds of our nations tender history and drive us unnecessarily apart. (Yes, anti-racism is racist.)

It is time we rescue our children from the brothels and public school indoctrination and free them back into their innocence and power.

It is time to undo the lie that the government knows better than our own intuition, basic common sense and core instincts.

It is time to stand up to the power hungry monsters that lock us down and shut us up if we veer away from the carefully constructed messages that trap us in fear and strip away our sovereignty and basic human rights.

It is time to TURN OFF the fear porn that is CNN, MSNBC and nearly every other media outlet controlled by the very people that benefit from our slavery.

It is time to TURN ON our discernment, our willingness to use critical thinking and research beyond the headlines we’ve been force-fed.

It is time to remember that America is a beautifully imperfect land with imperfect people and imperfect history founded upon freedom and sovereignty under God.

It is time to fight for our constitution and against the communist agenda like we are the last bastions of freedom on earth (because we are).

And lastly, the pill that is so bitter for so many to swallow, it is time to stand with our president.

A man that pokes at all of our unhealed father wounds like the perfect provocateur he is, helping all that was once unseen to rise to the surface for healing and redemption.

A man who is ending wars, freeing prisoners and standing for us all, even as he is mocked, ridiculed, defamed and criticized.

A man who won this election not by a mile, but 10, who is standing for us even as the forces of evil seek to tear him down.

Can we stand with him and with each other in the truth with all of the bravery and strength we can muster?

Can we become WE THE PEOPLE yet again and rise up together to reclaim the land, the love, the divinity that is our birthright?

My friends, it is time, it is time, it is time to come together and rise above the illusion of separation and the idea that we are really so different based upon skin color, gender pronouns or political affiliation.

We DO NOT need a vaccine, a lockdown, a stimulus check, a paper mask, a corrupt government to protect us.

We need honest and truthful information that serve the many, not the few.

We need to come back together around our shared kindness, compassion and humanity.

We need to restore the heart of America, one conversation at a time.

These are the conversations that are in my heart to curate inside of the PURPLE experience and I hope you will join me.

Even if you hate me right now and the messages I stand for, I hope you will join me and see what may be there for you to see.

First episodes coming in January 2021 and today this intention is set forth.

And so it is.