Paleo Cooking at Home: 7 Strategies to Eat Fast, Cheap & Easy.

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This was a webinar for the Recipe Rx community that turned into a podcast that will empower you to eat fast, easy and cheap paleo meals at home EVERY NIGHT of the week. These are the same skills I use to feed myself!

When I was first starting my business, I was on a really tight time and money budget, and it was through implementing these strategies that I didn’t starve or have to live at a fast-food restaurant, desperately trying to find something paleo-ish or living off energy bars or some other weird pseudo-healthy-but-not-really stuff.

Homie don’t play that game.

Over the years, I have distilled all of my fancy chef skills into just the ones you need, plus cherry-picked a couple strategies that allow me to spend about $125/week on food (all organic, paleo AND I drink 32oz of green juice everyday). If I wasn’t juicing, it’d be about $75/week. For organic, paleo food?!?!??! That’s cray-cray cheap. AND I spend 7.5 hours TOPS preparing all meals FROM SCRATCH. That’s 20 minutes and $5.95 a meal ALL ORGANIC WITH GREEN JUICE!

I believe so deep in my heart that being empowered to cook this way at home is the very best LIFE & HEALTH INSURANCE you can have, and its REALLY NOT HARD! You just need some skillz and a mindset shift around it all!

Listen to this podcast to learn how:

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