Paleo, Love & Transformation: Why Your Inner Child is Awesome with Lesley Wirth

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About my guest:

Lesley Wirth has a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. The program stems from the belief that we are divine beings having human experiences and that everything in our life can be used for our upliftment, our growth, and the evolvement of our soul. Lesley’s philosophy is that our soul incarnates over and over again to different lives and we are here to learn certain lessons.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • What fragmenting is and how it happens.
  • Finding your Inner Child.
  • What does the Inner Child in me need me to do?
  • Integrating your Inner Child.
  • Finding what is blocking us.
  • Finding out how to heal what is blocking us.
  • Learning how to move on.
  • Getting out of your head and into your body to understand your true nature.
  • How our body can indicate to us what is happening in our lives.
  • What is our Essence?
  • Learning what opens our hearts.

Show Notes & Links:

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