Personal Health Coaching and Food Allergy Testing IS HERE!

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mittensI’m very excited to announce that I’ll be offering a personal health coaching program along with my very best childhood friend and fabuloso Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Abbey Theroux. We think its the perfect way to make the transition to a healthy, sustainable diet and lifestyle.  By eliminating the foods that your body is allergic/sensitive to combined with practical nutrition education and the support and accountability of a personal coach, you can radically improving your health in a very short time.

The package includes:

-Food allergy testing panel: $250
-1/2 hour consultation with Abbey to discuss test results and get supplement suggestions based on your health and food  profile: $150
-1 yr subscription to $60
-8 week online nutrition education program*: $250
-8 x 1hour 1-on-1 coaching/accountability sessions with Camille (via phone or Skype)**: $800

*Program includes but not limited to these topics: Identifying disempowering ways of being and thinking around your eating habits, physical/mental/emotional connection to food, insulin resistance, how to exercise and combine foods for maximum weight release, low-glycemic eating, how to eat out, reading food labels, and stocking your pantry. Tools include meal plans, shopping lists, shoppers guide to pesticides/food additives,  daily lifestyle, goal setting and accountability log, and workbook.

**For San Diego Residents: Option to do 1/2 hr weekly coaching calls plus 2 x 2 hour cooking classes (taught by Camille). Please inquire for details.

Total Price: $1,510

Email to schedule  a free 15 minute consultation to determine if this program is a good fit for you.



We are offering this comprehensive package at a discounted rate of $549 (64% off!!) to 10 people who are willing to share their journey to sustainable health. The intention of this project is to demonstrate that by taking the steps outlined in this program, you can completely transform your health and have a happy relationship with the food you eat.

To be eligible for this special offer, you must:

1. Be dealing with a health condition whose symptoms are linked to food sensitivities and READY  to make a dramatic positive change in your life.
2. Share your story (current health challenges and  impact on the quality of your life).
3. Create a 5 minute video blog of where you’re at each week of the 10 week program.
4. Be willing to have the content you create shared with both our  social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, blog) as well as your own.
5. Commit to taking the training and coaching provided and finishing the entire 10 week program.

Please email if you would like to be considered for this offer.

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