School of Inner Beauty LIVE Event, May 24-26 in San Diego!!

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What if I told you that the most radiant expression of your unique beauty already lived inside of you 100% just begging to be given permission to be set free? Would you believe me?

What if you could see yourself through the eyes of an adoring lover or an unconditionally loving parent or best friend? What would you see?

You may think you are stuck a certain way. That the dreams you have for yourself and your life will always be just that: dreams.

We live our lives as women caught between two worlds: the one we were given and the one we long to create.

For most of my life, I was stuck in the former: depression, addictive compulsion to work, a skewed perception of what I saw when I looked in the mirror, and eating to fill the emotional void of it all. I was so desperate to claim the woman that I could sense buried deep inside, but I just didn’t know how to SET. HER. FREE.

My mom never taught me.

My friends never taught me.

My teachers never taught me.

The television never taught me.

The how-to articles in the magazines that promised to help me made it worse. So much worse.

Where do I learn to release her? To wade through and release all of the junk standing in the way, posing as me?

All of places I’d looked before provided little hope, certainly not what they had promised.

Let me ask you honestly: how many times have you turned to new clothes, new makeup, a new diet plan, a new exercise routine, a new man, a new career, new friends, to satiate your cravings for love, for wholeness, for belonging, to feel beautiful?

And how many times did they provide you with a lasting experience of your beauty, your worth and the confidence to finally create the life of your dreams?

Are you ready for your life to take a new turn? Or maybe you love the direction you’re headed and you’re ready for some fresh wind in your sails.

On Memorial Day Weekend, May 24-26, 15 of Southern California’s most empowering female coaches and leaders are giving themselves to you in support of your deepening, your awakening, your recognition of your true and magnificent beauty.

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe its about un-becoming anything that isn’t really you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”

Day 1: Healing the Past, Radical Self Love & Your Spiritual Path

This journey begins with you.

Where did you come from? How did you come to be the way you are? What is at the core of your being? When you can find and tap into the deep wellspring of love available to you in every moment, life becomes magic. The problem is that most women have so many things blocking that natural expression of love. On this day, you will learn to:

  • Love, care for and support yourself.

  • Become your own best friend, your own advocate, to stand for yourself and what you believe in.

  • See yourself the way others see you and squelch the inner critic that tells you you’re not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not talented enough.

  • Cut the energetic cords with the people in your life who zap you of energy, vitality and freedom to be your most radiant self.

  • Release all judgements of yourself, your food, and your body so that you can experience true freedom.

  • Tap into your intuition, your heart, your higher self, your spirit, your source, your true radiant power as a woman.

  • Rewrite the stories from your past, confront your fears, and release the things that hold you back from creating the life of your dreams.

Day 2: Self-Expression & Creativity

Now that we have laid the foundation with the most important person in your life, its time to learn how to express her in the world! There will be singing, there will be dancing, there will be art, and it will be glorious! There will be not one, but two style experts on-hand teaching you, too!

You will learn to:

  • Use your voice to express the deepest feelings of your heart.

  • Dress to create a personal style that is a reflection of your unique awesome self.

  • Move your body freely without fear or insecurity.

  • Rewrite the story of you from one of sadness and regret to one of purpose and power.

  • Transmute pain, depression and sadness into creative self-expression.

Day 3: Relationships with Family, Other Women, Men & Sex

Now that you have connected with your highest expression and learned to cultivate and channel your creative energy and expression, its time to dive into the wonderful world of relationships! Even if you’ve had traumatic relationships in the past and may have shut down your heart for fear of being hurt, you can begin opening back up to love and deeper connection with everyone in your life.

You will learn to:

  • Create a relationship that stands the test of time from four amazing couples in different stages of relationship.

  • Create sisterhood and friendship with women instead of jealousy and competition.

  • Love and communicate with even the most difficult family members.

  • Have an amazing sex life where you get all of your needs met (whether you are in a relationship or not).

  • Create more chemistry and polarization in your romantic relationships to turn-on or turn-up the heat, passion and connection.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this a women-only event?

Saturday and Sunday are women-only. On Monday, I will be inviting a group of men to come speak with us on relationships. We also have a very, very special optional event (included in cost) on Sunday night with some amazing men coming to support your deepening transformation. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but it was one of these events that transformed my perspective on men more than any other course or book ever has. You’re in for a treat 🙂

Does the event fee include food?

You will be responsible for your own breakfast, but will include lunch and snacks all three days and dinner on Saturday and Sunday night. It will also include some tasty adult beverages for our Saturday Night PAR-TAY!

Does the event fee include lodging?

No. If you are in need of accommodations, we can connect you to other ladies coming from out-of-town if you’d like to share rooms.

Do I need to come all 3 days?

It is HIGHLY recommended that you join us for the entire weekend. If thats simply not possible, we can discuss what will work for you so you can still participate with us even if you need to come late or leave early.

Do I need to have done any other coaching or transformational programs before attending?

No! We have carefully planned this event so that it will reach you exactly where you are, whether this be your 1st or 500th transformational program. The only requirement is that you com with an open heart and mind, ready to experience yourself and life as a woman in a whole new way 🙂

Who are the event speakers?

 Checkout the event speakers and their bios here.