Solving Your Weight Loss Mystery (webinar recording)

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Are you struggling to lose weight and beginning to realize it may not be as easy as calories in/calories out? Chances are you’re unknowingly sabotaging your results because you’re missing some VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION.
In this podcast, I’m sharing with you 7 essential things you need to know to get the sexy body you’ve been dreaming of. Topics include nutrient deficiency, food intolerances, sugar cravings, food judgement, toxic overload, hormone balancing and inflammation.

Show notes: Juicing Resources

L-Glutamine Powder: Sugar Cravings/Healing Digestive Lining Online Blood Testing

Food Intolerance Quiz/Elimination Diet

Food Intolerance Testing

GAPS Diet: Advanced Digestive Healing Protocol

Camille’s Paleogasm Cookbook

Camille’s Paleo Cooking at Home Program