Veggie Flax Crackers and Kale Guacamole

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Hello there! Happy Monday to YOU! Have you gotten on the juicing bandwagon yet? Man, I’m telling ya, adding juicing back into my daily health routine has taken my health to the next level. I used to juice years ago, but somehow let it go, so I am so stoked to have it back. Through juicing I have finally been able to kick my coffee AND sugar cravings (well 90% anyway, and that’s a HUGE victory), have tons of energy throughout the day, my body performs better during exercise, and my skin is clear (have been getting some weird spots lately, but I’m told the juicing is causing some deep detoxing thats showing up in skin).

One thing that has been a little frustrating about juicing is the waste. I’m spending good money on organic veggies, and its a shame to throw all that fiber away! Well, my friends, I have the answer for you: VEGGIE FLAX CRACKERS! They are so yummy and easy to make. If you eat paleo like me, you know its virtually impossible to find a good cracker alternative, but I’m telling you THIS IS IT! They are awesome.

So even if you haven’t been juicing, you gotta start so you can have all that nice juice pulp for this recipe. I wrote this as a guest post for, so head on over there and grab it. While you’re there, checkout all of their awesome juicing info. I think they’ve recently become the #1 juicing website in the world so that basically means they have what you’re looking for  🙂



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