Why Use Recipe Rx?

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This is a video I had make many years ago all about the benefits of using Recipe Rx. While we aren’t to the point of recommending products and restaurants like the video suggests, there’s a lot of good stuff here! Enjoy!

We empower you to take responsibility for your health.

Good health is not an accident. It is the compound effect of the choices you make everyday. It is up to you to make those choices, but our commitment is to provide you with the tools and education to seamlessly integrate healthy-for-you foods into your diet everyday. Don’t get us wrong: the work we do at RecipeRx.com is all about empowering our users with tools and education to eat the foods everyday that support long-term health and vitality. Ultimately, its up to you to recognize that your doctor, personal trainer, mother, is not responsible for your food, exercise, and lifestyle choices. You are. At the root of our work is a commitment to support you in supporting yourself with tools that will keep you out of the doctors office, off medication, and out of the hospital.

Undiagnosed food sensitivities are the cause of many health problems.

Why is eating a personalized diet important? Plain and simple: eating foods that don’t work for your body can cause a host of problems, both in the short and long-term, that are difficult to diagnose. Recent medical discoveries reveal that many common illnesses may be linked to food sensitivities, including digestive issues, migraine headaches, depression, acne, PMS, stomach ulcers, and aching joints.

While an individual can react to nearly any food, gluten (protein found in wheat), dairy, soy, eggs, and corn, are the most common culprits. A quick trip to the supermarket reveals that conventional wisdom may be catching up: from 2006-2010, there was  a 30% growth-rate in the gluten-free food market(ref). Our recipe database is chock-full of recipes that are free of these ingredients, bringing delicious options back into your diet that may be restricted.

One-size-fits-all diets don’t work.

Everyone will be healthier by eating more fruits, veggies, whole grains, and high-quality protein and eliminating processed foods from their diet. This much we all know. Then what? The raw vegan diet your cousin thrives on may be a disaster for you. We acknowledge that people’s bodies are unique and that means that the foods that make one person tick may not be the best option for you.

Meal planning is essential for consistently eating nutritious meals within a budget.

The single biggest reason I hear for people not making healthier food choices is that high-quality natural and organic ingredients are too expensive. By utilizing our meal planning and shopping list features, you will waste less of the groceries you purchase, utilize leftovers, and have fewer frantic last-minute trips through the drive-thru at dinnertime. Meal planning will literally save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year, of which you can allocate to purchasing higher quality ingredients. It will also allow you to plan around shopping at your local weekly farmers market. Big bonus.

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